Hulum Goddesses

Long time ago, four goddesses sisters, Milios, Alo, Biton and Nalous, where travelling around the world. One day they arrived to a beautiful island and they decided to call it Hulum, which means prosperous land in their native language. The sisters divided Hulum in four equal parts.

The youngest sister, Nalous, took the area in the south, where there was a beautiful and peaceful  forest, and she became an Earth Goddess. The third sister, Biton, took the dangerous and challenging fire mountains to the west, and she became a Fire Goddess. The second sister, Alo, went up north to settle in the clouds, where it was cold and breezy, and she became a Wind Goddess. And the oldest sister, Milios, took the big lake to the east, and she became a Water Goddess.

After some time, the goddesses started to feel lonely. So they created beings in their image to keep them company. And thus, the Mushy came to life. This was very hard to do, and the Goddesses became very tired. So, to honour their mothers, the mushys built them temples, so they could rest and come back when they were ready.

The Goddesses slept for many years and even though the mushys lived long, they were mortals unlike their mothers. The mushys felt abandoned and forgotten and prayed to their Goddesses to come back again. In their sleep, the Goddesses heard their children calling them and woke up. Horrified, they found out that many of their children died of old age.

After this, the Goddesses realised that even if they were to live among their children, the mushy would eventually cease to exist. So they decided to go back to sleep so they could create more children. Since then, a baby mushy would appear in the temples from time to time. And so, the mushy no longer felt abandoned and forgotten, as they knew their mothers were always watching over then.

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