About Momo's Journey

  • Action Adventure RPG.
  • Hack ‘n’ Slash Combat System.
  • Emphasis on exploration.

This is a semi open world game where the player can explore and approach objectives freely. 

Who is Momo?

Momo is a little alien who is part of a clan of warriors that protect the natural order of the Universe, seeking to establish balance and justice when needed. He is travelling the galaxy on his own as part of his training to gain experience and become a full fledged warrior within his Order.

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Momo's Journey in a nutshell...

Momo crashes on Hulum Island after his spaceship has been hit by a meteor. He manages to survive but his spaceship ends up completely broken.

Then he spends some time helping the Mushys (natural inhabitants of Hulum) around while he is recovering from the accident. But when he is almost ready to leave,  a hideous creature from outer space called Kat’lus invades Hulum.

This monster is swallowing the island and Mushys’ life force, but Momo doesn’t seem to be affected since he has a different life force that is not connected to the planet itself. So he embarks on a quest around Hulum to defeat the Kat’lus and save Hulum and the Mushys.

Current Status

Hi! I’m IndieGael, the creator of Momo’s Journey ^^

Momo’s Journey is in pre-production phase, meaning that I am still developing the story, characters, lore and mechanics. Fortunately, even though this phase is never truly over (specially for an indie game), I am almost ready to move to production phase (where the magic happens! :D)

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